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Hundreds of Thousands of Ads

Our massive ad database contains over 400,000 advertisements – and growing. And our intuitive interface means you have fast and easy access to extensive information on every single one of them. From the ad creative to the profiles the ad was shown on to outbound URLs and even the amount of time the ad has been “alive” (the number of days its been up – a key indicator of profitability), you’ll have everything you need to learn which ads are performing the best and how you can duplicate them for your own success.

Take Your Search Global

Social Ad Ninja knows no geographical boundaries. We have users the world over and we currently have ads from 43 countries. And to continue our global domination, we are constantly adding more countries, particularly those that are requested by our users via the suggestion tool. Our current offering includes: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Australia, India, Netherlands, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Argentina, Turkey, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Finland, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Switzerland, Philippines, Israel, Malaysia, Slovakia, Thailand, Colombia, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Taiwan, Iceland and South Korea. More are added each month but you can also request a specific country if you need it now.

Customize Your Findings with Advanced Search Queries

Our advanced search capabilities make finding the ads for very specific parameters a breeze. The simple, intuitive search function allows you to easily search for any of the following: gender, age, marital status, country, ad type (external or internal), days “alive,” interests, and by keywords located in the ad title, body, and even URL.

Uncover Entire Campaigns with URL Redirects

Social Ad Ninja now has the power to display the entire redirect list for each ad. This is a game-changer for you and takes the insights provided by Social Ad Ninja beyond social advertising. Your entire affiliate marketing strategy will benefit because you now have the ability to see each and every ad, affiliate ID, Prosper 202 footprint, tracking domain, and landing page in your competitor’s entire campaign. You can even create URL and keyword searches for these criteria, searching out your successful competitors and learning everything about them.

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